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Weekly pasture stock-takes with the C-Dax pasture meter help drive our pasture based feed system. The information collected is used to plan grazing and supplement use as farm profitability is driven by our pasture harvested per ha. We are currently working on a UAV based solution for measuring regular pasture inventory.

Cows are wintered off on a mixture of kale and fodderbeet at the Newparks or Broadfields support blocks, which are 5kms from the property.

Irrigation comes from the Rangitata Diversion Race via Mayfield-Hinds Irrigation Ltd, delivered to the ground by four centre pivot irrigators and three Rotorainers on 6-9 day rotations with K-lines and long line sprinklers in the corners. Corner irrigation is shifted using Tracmap GPS placement.

Through the system we monitor a number of data points continuously. These include weather, milking process and milk silo monitoring, water use, soil moisture and temperature, irrigation system control and monitoring along with GPS proof of placement. The collection and use of data allows informed decisions to be made coupled with accelerated learning and system optimisation.

Tracmap and Precision Tracking are used for fertiliser application guidance and proof of placement.

An in house app is used on each farm to track pasture covers, round length, feed use, and production so performance relative to budget, district, and comparison between all dairy units can be monitored by staff on a daily basis.

We have regular plan-do-review sessions on farm around achievement of major KPI's including costs, production, feed use, animal health, mating, and calving to support the team in improving our systems.

Doug Lowry is responsible for the design, planting, and maintenance of our shelter and gardens around the properties. Our emphasis is on using plants which maximise the shelter available for stock while creating habitat and all year food source for bees and native birds.

A local family beekeeping business Homer Honey has chosen to partner with us and place hives on the farm.

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Wainui Dairy

Wainui Dairy is a 238ha effective dairy platform, milking 800 Friesian cross cows through a 50 bale rotary which contains automatic cup removers and in shed feeding. Our milk is supplied to Fonterra Co-Operative


Our team

  • General Manager - Nick Hoogeveen

  • Farm Manager - Chris Barr

  • Farmer - Dave Archer

  • Farmer - Ryan Fletcher

  • Farmer - Nicola Corbett

  • Maintenance team - Eion Johnston, Tuatai Viane and Lance Evans

  • Calf Rearers - Melz Hoogeveen


Wainui Dairy production from 2013 - 2016

Wainui Dairy - 238ha effective, 800 Friesian cows, 50 bale rotary
Wainui Manager - Brendon Steer
Dairy Assistants - David Archer & Asaeli Boila
Kintore Farm sunrise

Katoa Dairy

Katoa Dairy is a 212ha effective dairy platform, milking 715 Friesian cross cows through a 60 bale rotary with automatic cup removers, Protrack with EZHeat and in shed feeding. The 60 bale dairy was built in 2008.

Our team

  • General Manager - Nick Hoogeveen

  • Farm Manager - Adrien Holden

  • Farmer - Trudy Bensted

  • Farmer - Leo Viane

  • Spring Relief - Bradley Hargreaves

  • Maintenance team - Eion Johnston, Tuatai Viane and Lance Evans

  • Calf Rearers - Tamzin Young, Billie Holden


Katoa Dairy Production - 2013 - 2016

Katoa Dairy
Kintore Farm - Katoa Dairy
Kintore Farm - Dairy cows



Broadfields Support Block

The Broadfields support block was purchased in May 2013 in partnership with other dairy farms. Broadfields winters 2700 mixed age cows and 750 rising 1 heifers on fodderbeet, homegrown silage, and straw. Throughout the season 1500 dairy replacement R1 and R2's are run. It carries half of Kintore Farm Ltd's wintering stock and half of it's young replacement stock, from weaning to entering the herd as in calf heifers. Kintore Farm staff feed their own animals through the winter.

Broadfields is independently managed, it is irrigated with Mayfield Hinds Irrigation scheme water via four centre pivot irrigators.

Download the farm map here.

Newparks Support Block

Newparks support block is located 4km from the dairy units. The leased 68ha winters 750-850 cows on kale, fodderbeet, home grown silage and bought in straw. 200-250 R1's are grazed on pasture from weaning to the end of their 1st winter.

Newparks is fully irrigated with a diesel pump drawing from a water storage pond supplied by Mayfield-Hinds Irrigtaion. The Roto-rainer irrigator is fitted with Tracmap GPS capable of remote control and notifications via txt messaging.

Download the farm map here.